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I hope that your 2023 is off to a great start and will only get better from here! After what seems like being cooped up indoors for months due to the cold winter weather, today’s Dreamy Design feature feels like a breath for fresh air. Located in the United States, the Black House in the woods by Kireeva Anna is positively swoon worthy. Grounded in the colour black and accented with green and orange this gorgeous home provides a moody statement amongst the trees. Designed to bring people closer to nature thru the use of colours, natural materials and large windows, this home blends beautifully with it’s surroundings. I am currently dreaming about enjoying a cup of coffee in that stunning kitchen taking in the gorgeous surroundings. Love it!

All images via http://www.amazingarchitecture.com courtesy of Kireeva Anna

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Restoring Wellness in a Historical Setting

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As my love of design has grown over the years, I am frequently researching new projects. I have a special love for transformation projects that modernize older buildings into fresh new spaces while still respecting the original bones of the building. I recently came across today’s featured project and was instantly captivated.

©AlexFilz . Monastero

The Network of Architecture was hired to transform a 17th century monastery into a chic spa and hotel. Located near Lake Garda, Italy the project was twofold – to restore the monastery and make the most of its distinctive elements while converting it to a charming and unique hotel, and to design and develop a new wellness centre that includes a 500 square metre garden, multiple treatment rooms and saunas that would seamlessly integrate into its surroundings.

Like many historical restorations, this one had its challenges. After being cleaned, the building needed to be reinforced, restored and updated under the watchful eye of the local Heritage office who had the power to veto any detail. The heritage office called for a light touch for this restoration so while modern fire and heating systems were added to the building, the plaster walls, stone staircases and rib vaulted ceilings were carefully restored.

©AlexFilz . Monastero
©AlexFilz . Monastero

Throughout the 40 room hotel, the black, grey and white colour palette for the fixtures and furnishings match the austere palette of the monastery. The newer building echoes the original and is mainly built in plaster and stone. The 5,600 square foot spa building has a colonnade wall made of Vicenza stone that is the spine of the building with seven glass and steel cubes attached to it that house the harman, sauna, massage rooms and relaxation areas. Wood panels laser cut in a geometric pattern of the hotel’s logo pomegranates are seen throughout the space. Bleached oak along with cotton and linen effect textiles add warmth to the space and encourage relaxation for its visitors.

©AlexFilz . Monastero
©AlexFilz . Monastero
©AlexFilz . Monastero

The restrained design of both the hotel and the wellness centre provides a sense of peace for its visitors. It encourages people to slow down, lower their voices and take some time for self reflection and restoration.

©AlexFilz . Monastero

This is the perfect wellness retreat for wary travellers to sit back and relax in historical surroundings. The Network or Architecture has done a phenomenal job creating a space for wellness while respecting its history. Love it!

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Photo Credits: http://www.interiordesign.net and http://www.noa.network

5 Ways To Up Your Self Care Game As We Step Into Spring

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Congratulations for making it thru winter! It is FINALLY spring! While summer remains my favourite time of the year, I love spring and the way that the world seems to come alive again. This year my focus is on self care, and the beginning of spring is the perfect time to elevate my self care game. Here are 5 ways that I am elevating my self care routine this spring

Go For A Massage

Now this may seem like a standard self care proclamation but the truth is that I (like many) have spent the last few months cooped up indoors, hunched over a screen. A massage is a great way to release tension in your body, work open some knots, relax after a long and old winter and detox your body. My plan is to treat myself to a 90 minute deep tissue massage to really release any knots that my body is currently holding onto, I can’t wait!


I have tried to keep up with my workouts but if I am being honest I have been taking it very easy these past few months. I don’t feel like myself and my pants are definitely a bit tighter then normal. Spring is a great time to find a new workout or even just get outdoors and go for a walk. Your mind and body will thank you for it.

Try a New Recipe

Spring is the perfect time to start introducing lighter fare to your plate. After spending the colder months enjoying hearty stews and warming meals, fresh lighter foods are probably just what your body is craving now that the weather is getting warmer. Fresh fruit, lighter salads and grilled proteins are all great additions to your plate.

Do a Bit of Spring Cleaning

When people think of self care, images of bubble baths and candles are the first things that come to most peoples minds but cleaning is an undervalued form of self care Cleaning out some clutter or just tidying up a bit actually does wonders for one’s mind. It helps to put you in a fresh mindset and allows you to think a bit more clearly.

Get Back Into A Routine That You Have Been Putting Off

As many of you are aware, I started my own beauty tool business a few months ago. I custom designed my own gua sha (you can purchase yours here at http://www.reiynbeauty.com). I am incredibly proud of the product that I designed and I try to use it often myself, but some days my exhaustion gets the better of me and I curl up on the couch in lieu of completing my skin care routine. Now is a great time to re-evaluate your own routine, are there parts of it that you have been skipping or rushing thru?

How are you feeling about the new season? What are you planning on doing to step up your routine as we move into Spring? Let me know in the comments below!

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Real Chic in Miami

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I have a confession to make…there are certain reality shows that I absolutely love. It’s not the drama that sucks me in (to be quite honest I don’t even understand it most of the time) but the fashion and the homes. When the Real Housewives of Miami season four premiered at the end of last year, I happily set my PVR for it, excited to see how the fabulous in Miami live. Thankfully they did not disappoint. The liberal use of sequins captured my attention and there was one home that was featured that made all of the screaming throughout the show worth enduring.

Dr. Nicole Martin is hardly your typical housewife, with a successful career as an anesthesiologist this new comber to the show was professional, articulate and frankly a breath of fresh air. Her house is just as chic as the woman herself. Initially I was drawn to this home by the entrance area. I have a deep fondness for arched doors and windows, and this home draws you in with them. Complimented with a beautiful limestone console and reclaimed marble flooring this just might be the entrance of my dreams. The more that I saw of the home, the more I fell in love. At 9000 square feet, it would have been really easy for this home to feel cold but instead it has a cool understated vibe that draw you in.

Large picture windows allow a flood of natural light to pour into the home, highlighting the double height ceilings and the European elk wood floor. Classic and timeless furnishings showcased against cream coloured walls create a clean and contemporary interior.

Made for entertaining, this home has a 3000 bottle wine cellar along with a 20 seat movie theatre and a gorgeous 12 person dining table perfect for hosting those well known housewives dinner parties.

The added bonus to this house is the gorgeous marble that is used throughout the bathrooms. The bold use of a burgundy/purple-ish marble in the powder room is perfection.

Surrounded by lush palm trees and greenery, the outdoor pool area is the perfect spot to escape for a bit of R and R while enjoying the sunny Miami weather.

Overall the design of this home is well thought and chic in a timeless understated manner. It’s warm, welcoming and inspiring for future design projects.

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Spaces That Make Me Smile – North Bondi by Greg Natale

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A few weeks ago an image came across my Instagram feed of a subtle but colourful french manicure. While it is not normally my style as I tend to stick with classic nudes or the occasional dark red for my nails I fell in love and promptly screenshot the image. The next time that I was at the nail salon I shyly pulled out my phone and asked my manicurist if she could copy the colourful manicure instead of my usual. While this may seem small and insignificant to some, I am slowly trying to break out of the somewhat monotonous routine I find myself in lately and a colourful manicure was my own small act of rebellion in order to change things up. My manicurist was able to achieve the look that I had requested but was not shy in telling me that “it was a trend from last summer”. Truthfully though, I didn’t care – every time I looked at my nails I smiled and I received more compliments about my nails over the following couple of weeks then I ever had before. This experience made me more aware that it was important to do and see things that made me happy and smile, especially as life just feels so hard and boring lately. The little things matter regardless of what that looks like to others.

Today’s project profile made me smile when I first saw it. I am not normally into art deco aesthetic but this one captured my attention from the first image that I saw – it made me smile. Located in North Bondi, Australia this home is a playful respite from the outside world.

Originally built in the 1970’s, Greg Natale opened up the interiors of this home and the results are both fun and memorable. Overlooking the ocean, bringing in the stunning views and optimizing sightlines were key for this project. Adding modernity by blending the living room, kitchen and dining room together the aesthetic of this home is light hearted and welcoming.

I absolutely love the playful touches added to this space especially the light mint colour of the fridge and cabinetry paired with the brass hardware of the stools and the open bar. Love it!

The rest of the colour palette is left light and airy which helps to elevate the lighthearted playfulness of the space. Softened edges such as the arched doorways and mirrors further added a lightness to the home. The bedrooms are kept clean and light as well, and the lime washed walls add a gorgeous subtle texture to the space.

Anchored by camel tones and wood help to keep this space from looking space and dreamlike.

Overall, like my previous manicure this space makes me smile and I hope that it adds a smile to your day as well!

Thank you for stopping by Stylishly Zen today, I hope that you have a beautiful day! XXS

All images via http://www.localproject.com.au