Inspiring Design

My love of nesting is currently in overdrive.  The winter season may be almost over but I intend to make the most of the last few weeks (hopefully) of the cold weather.

This home in Sweden is straight out of my winter nesting daydreams.  With gorgeous sea views, a comforting minimalist vibe and beautiful muted tones this home is incredible.  Recently renovated, the large kitchen is the perfect refuge for the long winters and the  entire house is the perfect place to nest anytime of the year.  White floors help to brighten the entire home and contrast perfectly with the deep muted and textured tones of the walls.  The garden is a beautiful space to enjoy the gorgeous views once the weather warms up.  This a dream home, inside and out!  I am obsessed!fullsizeoutput_1479


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Inspiring Interior

I am completely in love with this week’s Inspiring Interior. Since I completed my certification in interior design a few years ago, my style has and design aesthetic has changed a lot. I used to be obsessed with pattern and brightly contrasting hues and now? The simpler the better. I love the little details – simple and elegant texture, a lot of natural light, bright open spaces, and neutral tones with brightly coloured accents. This space completely fulfils my design loving heart.

Located in Berlin, this gorgeous apartment is filled with natural light, gorgeous tones and stunning furniture. High ceiling and stark white walls complement the natural wood floor beautifully, minimal furniture and bold artwork.  Subtle touches of bright colour and bold patterns help to tie everything together. The kitchen is simple and clean yet welcoming and the balcony seems like the perfect place to relax and enjoy the weather. This apartment is front and centre on my vision board at the moment.


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Inspiring Design

This week’s inspiring interior is the perfect place to hideaway from the rest of the world.  Surrounded by lush greenery and situated by the water, I can’t think of a single reason why someone would want to leave such a serene environment.  Large picture windows allow you to enjoy the stunning natural surroundings while relaxing in front of a fire, and the cool white washed tones of the interior contrast perfectly with the stunning natural colours of the outdoors.

The home’s wood and concrete exterior blends beautifully into it’s environment and the large deck is the perfect spot to entertain or relax and enjoy nature at it’s finest.  Overall, this home is a perfect example of how to bring the outdoors inside with a chic, calming and minimalist design.

What do you like to relax in this gorgeous hideaway?


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Inspiring Interior

The moment that I saw this week’s inspiring interior I began to mentally redecorate my home.  It is a stark contrast to the black and white with a pop of colour palette that I currently live in. I don’t normally gravitate to complete neutrals but there is something calming about this light filled penthouse.  Located on the Belgian coast, this weekend getaway blends seamlessly into its environment.  The sandy tones, cool neutral colours and natural accents combine to create a spacious zen environment that would calm even the most harried of souls.  While most of us are unable to getaway to the Belgian coast, take a few minutes to take a deep breath as you scroll through the pictures of this stunning sanctuary.  Enjoy!


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Inspiring Interiors

Interior design and architecture have been a life long passion of mine.  I love how some fresh paint and light can completely transform a room.  One of my favourite interior designers is Barcelona based designer Katty Schiebeck.  Katty is a design forced to be reckoned with.  Her show stopping interiors are a lesson in simplicity and minimalism, and her use of colours and contrasting materials is absolutely breathtaking.  To say that I am obsessed with her work would be an understatement, so it made sense that one of her projects would be the first in the Inspiring Interiors series here on Stylishly Zen.

This project located on the Passeig de Concepcio in Barcelona is part of a conversion project that Katty worked on.  The use of natural light and marble contrasting with dark wood and pops of colour makes this aparthotel a showstopper.  The herringbone pattern on the floor elevates the level of design in the entire space. Simple and elegant, this apartment is straight out of my dreams.


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