Restoring Wellness in a Historical Setting

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As my love of design has grown over the years, I am frequently researching new projects. I have a special love for transformation projects that modernize older buildings into fresh new spaces while still respecting the original bones of the building. I recently came across today’s featured project and was instantly captivated.

©AlexFilz . Monastero

The Network of Architecture was hired to transform a 17th century monastery into a chic spa and hotel. Located near Lake Garda, Italy the project was twofold – to restore the monastery and make the most of its distinctive elements while converting it to a charming and unique hotel, and to design and develop a new wellness centre that includes a 500 square metre garden, multiple treatment rooms and saunas that would seamlessly integrate into its surroundings.

Like many historical restorations, this one had its challenges. After being cleaned, the building needed to be reinforced, restored and updated under the watchful eye of the local Heritage office who had the power to veto any detail. The heritage office called for a light touch for this restoration so while modern fire and heating systems were added to the building, the plaster walls, stone staircases and rib vaulted ceilings were carefully restored.

©AlexFilz . Monastero
©AlexFilz . Monastero

Throughout the 40 room hotel, the black, grey and white colour palette for the fixtures and furnishings match the austere palette of the monastery. The newer building echoes the original and is mainly built in plaster and stone. The 5,600 square foot spa building has a colonnade wall made of Vicenza stone that is the spine of the building with seven glass and steel cubes attached to it that house the harman, sauna, massage rooms and relaxation areas. Wood panels laser cut in a geometric pattern of the hotel’s logo pomegranates are seen throughout the space. Bleached oak along with cotton and linen effect textiles add warmth to the space and encourage relaxation for its visitors.

©AlexFilz . Monastero
©AlexFilz . Monastero
©AlexFilz . Monastero

The restrained design of both the hotel and the wellness centre provides a sense of peace for its visitors. It encourages people to slow down, lower their voices and take some time for self reflection and restoration.

©AlexFilz . Monastero

This is the perfect wellness retreat for wary travellers to sit back and relax in historical surroundings. The Network or Architecture has done a phenomenal job creating a space for wellness while respecting its history. Love it!

What do you think of this space? Let me know in the comments below.

I hope that you have a beautiful day! XXS

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