Inspired by Wabi Sabi

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There has always been something about Wabi Sabi inspired design that captures my attention. The term Wabi Sabi in design became popular thanks to the talented architect Axel Vervoordt. In traditional Japanese aesthetics, Wabi Sabi is a world view that is centered around the acceptance of imperfection and transience. It is often described as appreciating beauty in the imperfect and incomplete.

Located in the heart of Beijing and designed by Tianjin-based studio Touch Design, today’s featured project is a beautiful example of residential Wabi Sabi. With an inward focus, this home evokes feelings of a sense of belonging, rejuvenation and harmony throughout the home.

What makes this house so memorable is that there is not a single tile or stone used throughout the home. Instead, the main material used was micro cement.

There is a sense of calm and serenity felt throughout the home. With paired back furnishings, a bare colour palette and pops of greenery and natural light, the apartment is a beautiful example of elevated simplicity.

In lieu of art, one niche in the apartment houses circular windows. Paired with green plants and a simple but solid wood bench, the space feels thoughtful and fresh.

Another notable feature in this home is the backwall of the master bedroom. Designed to imitate the texture of stone, the designer painted over an artificial material with a stone coloured latex paint.

Aside from the use of micro cement throughout the home paired with green plants, I love the arched doorways as they add an extra level of warmth and design to this gorgeous space. Love it!

What do you think of this Wabi Sabi style home? Would you design your home in this style? Let me know in the comments below!

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